Program code JEE.OK
Type of diploma Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS)
Program category 300 - Human techniques
Units to be completed for the diploma 41.33
Total duration 5 sessions
Total time to complete the diploma 1260 hours
Number of internships offered 2
Duration of internship
    135 hours = internship 1
    240 hours = internship 2

About the program:

  • Full-time
  • Limited capacity
  • Offered at both campuses
  • Possibility of taking day, evening or weekend courses
  • This program is offered in English and French.
  • Mandatory internship in a company

Program objectives:

he objective of the program is to teach students the physical, material and pedagogical management of a child care facility. Graduates will be able to ensure safety and assess the needs of the child. They will be able to maintain a work climate that is conducive to the evolution and development of the child on several levels (psychological, educational, psychomotor, cognitive, language, social, emotional and moral). They will know how to work in partnership with their colleagues, parents and partners in the community.

According to government regulations, educators must be certified in first aid.

Strengths of the program:

Upon graduation, students will be able to manage the physical, material and pedagogical organization of the child care center. They will be able to provide interventions related to the overall development, integration, basic care, safety and well-being of the child. They would also be able to manage human and financial resources.

Students who complete this diploma will be able to work for early childhood centers, daycares, family child care and school-based child care.

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Program content

The Childhood Education Technology program consists of 41.33 total units, spread over five terms. During the course of the program, the student must complete 885 hours of theory and 375 hours of practical courses, for a total of 1,260 hours. In order to graduate, the student must complete all of the courses listed below.

List of required courses:

Course Code Course Name Duration (hours)
322-724-RL Professional Communication 60
322-703-RL The Education Profession 45
322-704-RL Global Development of the Child 0-5 Years 60
322-843-RL Educational Intentions 45
322-714-RL Child observation 60
322-713-RL Child care safety 45
322-773-RL Meaningful relationships with children 45
350-714-RL Comprehensive development of children ages 5-12 60
322-793-RL Child health 45
322-823-RL Child autonomy 45
322-709-RL Practicum 1 - Introduction 135
322-734-RL Educational Interventions for Children Ages 0-2 60
322-803-RL Healthy Eating 45
322-824-RL Behavioral Interventions 60
322-813-RL Special Needs of the Child 45
322-833-RL Professional Partnership 45
322-744-RL Educational interventions for children ages 2-5 years 60
322-754-RL Educational Interventions with Children Ages 5-12 60
322-70F-RL Internship 2 - Integration 240
Total 1260