Program code LCA.EE
Type of diploma Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS)
Program category 400 - Administrative techniques
Units to be completed to obtain the diploma 42
Total duration 5 sessions
Total time to complete the diploma 1200 hours
Number of internships offered 1
Duration of internship 255 hours

About the program:

  • Full-time
  • Limited capacity
  • Offered at both campuses
  • Possibility of taking day, evening or weekend courses
  • CThis program is offered in English and French.
  • Mandatory internship in a company

Program objectives:

Upon completion of the program, Business Administration and Commerce students will be familiar with the basic concepts of accounting and finance. They will acquire the ability to conduct basic professional conversation in French or English in the workplace. They will also acquire knowledge of administrative management in general.

Strengths of the program:

The program trains students to be administrative technicians. They will be able to work in companies in all economic sectors.

Once the students have obtained the Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS), they will be able to hold several positions such as:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Commercial agent
  • Filing, data entry or costing clerk
  • Accounting, budget, billing and tax clerk
  • Insurance and claims clerk
  • Personnel or customer service clerk
  • Receiving, shipping or purchasing clerk
  • and so on.

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Program Content

Content Description: The Business Administration and Commerce program consists of 42 units in total, spread over five semesters. During the course of the program, the student must complete 540 hours of theory and 660 hours of practical courses, for a total of 1,200 hours. In order to graduate, the student must complete all of the courses listed below:

List of required courses:

Course Code Course Name Duration (hours)
410-AA1-GC French Business 1  45
410-AA2-GC French Business 2
410-AA3-GC Administrative Application Tools 60
410-AA4-GC International Business Management  60
410-AA5-GC Organizational Communication 45
410-AA6-GC International Business 60
410-BM1-GC Stock Exchange and Financial Markets 60
410-CA1-GC Accounting 60
410-CC1-GC Electronic Commerce 60
410-DA1-GC Business Law 45
410-EM1-GC Enterprise and Globalization 45
410-ES1-GC Exporting Services 60
410-FA2-GC Financial Management 60
410-FT1-GC Business Functions 45
410-GP1-GC Project Management 90
410-LT1-GC International Transportation Logistics 60
410-MA1-GC Marketing Strategies 45
410-ST3-GC Stage 255
Total 1200