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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Why Canada?
Canada has always been a favorite destination for students from all over the world. Our system of education is one of the best, cities are safe, cost of living is not high, geography is beautiful, people are friendly, and our tuition fee is very competitive. In one word, we are a loving country where international students feel safe and happy while receiving a world-class education from our school.

Canada’s English and French population makes it an ideal place to learn about languages and learn not only a new language, but interact and learn from a different culture. On top of our high quality system of education, Canada has a culture that is a very welcoming to people of all origins. Also our museums, cathedrals, numerous festivals, restaurants with food from all over the world, and all-year-round outdoor activities make Canada the number one choice to study and get an unforgettable experience.

2) Why Canada College?
Since 1976, our school has been training international students from around the globe, as well as local students. Our goals are to prepare students and give them the tools they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive world.

We treat each and every student with humanity and understanding. Students from abroad are especially important to us. We understand the stress that comes with learning in another country, far from their families and friends. We try as much as possible to make international students enjoy their stay, help them settle in their new surroundings as soon as possible, quickly make new friends, and have great, unforgettable experiences that they will share with family and friends upon their return. We employee highly qualified and competent teachers who work hard to help our students achieve their goal of learning a new language.

Our school is located at the heart of Montreal’s downtown area, where the city comes alive. The school is very accessible by train, bus, and metro services. Proximity to all the services is definitely an asset. All the shopping centers, stores and, tourist attractions, make us a very central and well located school. But most of all, Montreal has a bilingual culture where both, French and English are spoken which gives students a very rare occasion to learn two languages, or at least have a first contact with a new language. A particularity that is unique to Montreal.

3) What about curriculum and instructors of Canada College?
Canada College has a very well-designed curriculum encompasses different levels of studies from beginners to advanced for the needs of different students from all over the world.

At Canada College classes are taught by experienced native teachers with at least a BA from a recognized university. In most cases our teachers have MA or even PhD in the domain of their teaching activities.

4) How many students attend Canada College? What is the nationality ratio of international students to local students?
In average, every year around 800 students come to take courses, full-time and part-time combined. Most of our students are from Canada. Around 40% come from many different countries.

5) What about boarding for international students?
For our overseas students, we offer home-stay placement, and airport pick-up. We also accompany them to cell phone companies, banks, help with apartment finding, job finding help (for working holiday visas only), other types of counseling if needed, and of course we offer the trip back to the airport at the end of their stay.

6) Tell us about the student activities at Canada College.
We have various activities for our students here at Canada College, and all of them involve improving language skills, and cultural understanding. Those activities include: Educational field trips, cultural field trips, (fees may apply) language exchange meetings, International friendship meetings, English workshops, and more…

7) Are there any privileges offered to students from abroad?
Students from abroad have many privileges ranging from educational outings, and cultural field trips, to language exchange meetings, and international friendship meetings.

Help with home-stay, banking, cell phone providers, immigration advice and help, as well as trips to and from the airport are also available.

As for the classes themselves they get; an immersive and intensive class given by a native speaker of that language, and multi-cultural classes with students from all-over the world, which gives them a chance to practice the language and improve their conversation skills in a way that would not be possible within their native countries.

8) Which schools do graduates of Canada College often go on to attend?
We have qualified counselors; that give education guidance and help to those who want to attend universities here, take tests like TOEIC®, IELTS, TOEFL or TEF, or want to know what to do after they complete their stay here.

Our English language graduates that choose to stay in Canada most go on to attend Concordia University or the prestigious McGill University. As for our French Language graduates, they go on to attend University of Montreal or the University of Quebec (UQAM).

9) Do you have anything to say to students who plan to study at Canada College?
To the students: We promise you a learning experience like no other, where you will improve your language skills, and prepare yourself for the job market. You will learn a new language, see many interesting sites, meet new people, experience the lifestyle of Canadian people, make friends from all over the world, participate in multi–cultural events and festivals, share unforgettable moments with fellow students, and forge new friendships that will last a lifetime.

10) Can you say some words to the parents?
Your child will be in good hands. They will be taken care of. We will do everything possible so that you and your child will be satisfied, comfortable, and happy.

We also guarantee; that your child will receive the best that our educational system can provide; qualified teachers, cutting edge educational standards, as well as the best counseling and help to fit their needs.

Finally, we will do our absolute best to prepare your child for success in their future careers. They will be competitive, ready, willing, and able to use their new abilities to the fullest. If you invest for their education at Canada College you will reap the benefits tenfold.

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