Canadian Students Admission Procedures

Your first task in applying is to fill out our Online application form. Admission information can also be gathered from college representatives, catalogs, Web sites, and directories; alumni or students attending the college; and campus visits. Please apply online here: Apply online

Admission to CANADA COLLEGE is open to all individuals regardless of gender, race, religion or national origins.

To apply for admission to Language Department:

You may apply online at: Apply online


To apply for admission to college programs, please first apply online at: Apply online

After submitting your Online Application, please:

• Submit a copy of your high school diploma (12 years of studies) or any post secondary college or university previously attended or in attendance at present.

• Complete our Application for Admission (can be downloaded from our website by clicking DOWNLOAD on the top or sent by email to you upon request.

• Include the required admission and registration fee.

• Attach all the required documents as requested below:

1. An official copy of birth certificate or proof of citizenship
2. An official document establishing successful completion of high school studies
3. An official copy of your latest grades, if you are presently completing such studies
4. Official academic transcript for any post-secondary previously attended, if applicable
5. A resume (CV), if applicable.

International Students should apply for admission at least 4 months before their intended program starts.

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