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Tesol Sertifika Programı, mesleki gelişimlerine devam etmek isteyen EFL (Yabancı Dil olarak İngilizce ) öğretmenlerine, Kanada'da kariyer değişikliği yapmak isteyen profesyonel kişilere, İngilizce öğretmeni olarak eğitim almayı arzulayan uluslararası öğrenciler ve yurtdışına seyahat etmek ve öğretmenlik yapmak isteyen yeni mezun olmuş üniversite öğrencilerine yönelik bir programdır. Adayları 8 haftalık kurs suresınce, kültürel ve mesleki deneyimleriyle doğrudan ilgili, yoğun akademik eğitim alırlar.


• Farklı teknolojileri, metaryalleri ve metodolojileri keşfedin.

• İkinci dil öğrenme kuramları ve dil hakkında daha fazla şey öğrenin.

• Uluslararası ve Kanadalı meslektaşlarınızla anlamlı bir etkileşimde bulunun.

• Kendinizi hem İngilizceye hem de Montreal kültürüne bırakın.

Program, denetimli öğrenci eğitimi, seminerler ve kurslarla bütünleştirilmiş 8 civarında birer haftalık birimler şeklinde düzenlenmiş bir müfredat sunar.

• Yabancı Dil Deneyimi

• Dil Farkındalığı

• Fonoloji

• Öğrenci Profili

• Öğrenim Teknikleri

• Sınıf Gözlemi ve Öğretmenlik uygulaması

• Materyal Projeleri

• değerlendirme

The Language System of English

Discuss theories on the origins of language; compare writing systems; experience how sounds are produced (phonology), sound patterns make up the English language (phonetics), how words are formed (morphology), sentences are structured (syntax), meaning is conveyed (semantics) and languages are used (pragmatics).

Teaching, Learning and Assessing

• Talk about how languages are learned, how the four skills (reading,writing, listening & speaking) fit into a model of communicative competence, and what all of this means for designing classroom activities and assessing student performance.

Language Classroom Practices

• Learn how to plan lessons, design activities, and assess learners. Become familiar with techniques for promoting interaction, providing feedback, utilizing textbooks, developing one's own materials, dealing with mixed ability level groups, incorporating strategy training in lessons, and managing a classroom.

Student Teaching Practicum

• Gain hours of supervised team-student teaching. Participants have an opportunity to implement the materials they have developed and the concepts they have learned over the week, as well as receive feedback from experienced teachers.

• For more details on the content of this program, you may contact our TESOL Department and ask for the TESOL booklet.

Program at a Glance




Canada College, Montreal, Canada.

How much?

$50 non-refundable application fee.
$1650.00 tuition fee.


University BA, BSc. or equivalent for those who need Standard Level 1 teaching from TESL Canada Federation.


If you do not have a bachelor’s degree

• If the applicant does not have a university degree and wishes to register for this program, she/he will be accepted but is not eligible for standard level 1 certification from TESL Canada. The graduates will receive their certificate from Canada College enabling them to teach ESL courses anywhere in the world. The only difference is that those without a bachelor’s degree are not eligible to teach TESOL courses.

How To Apply?

We have rolling admissions, so we encourage you to apply now.

• If you are an international student requiring a visa, you should submit your application and all supporting documents as soon as you can to allow sufficient time to process your visa request.

See Special Instructions for International Students below.

• Official copies of your college transcripts should be sent directly to the program coordinator: Ms. Daïnn Legris.

• We are happy to accept unofficial copies of your transcripts attached to your application pending the receipt of official ones.

A non-refundable $50 fee should accompany your application.

• Your tuition balance is due upon arrival to attend the first session.

• We accept cheques drawn on Canadian or U.S. banks. Cheques should be written payable to: Canada College.

• Credit Cards, Interact, and Money Order are all accepted as well.

International Student Information

In most cases, since the program is less than six months long, you do not need to apply for a student visa; a visiting visa would be enough.

• Apply directly through the Certificate Program.

• Visa processing takes several weeks, so we suggest you apply to the program at least 6 months before the program starts.

If your English proficiency is not at the level to enroll in the TESOL program, you may take certain English courses and pass the requirement stipulated by TESL CANADA prior to registration in the TESOL Certificate Program.

• All scores should be sent to the attention of Ms. Daïnn Legris

Since it can take several weeks for ETS to send us your score to us and we cannot accept you without the required proof of English proficiency, we suggest you:

TESL Canada's English Language Proficiency Requirements

See Here

• Take the test as soon as possible, and Send us an unofficial photocopy of your score with your application (or shortly thereafter). We will begin processing your application with your unofficial score while we wait for your official score. Canada College TOEFL® code is 0173.

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