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Medical French

This course is designed for those professionals who are trained in a language other than French and wishing to work in a French environment.

This course is open to doctors, nurses, and any other professionals who are required to have the high standing French knowledge to be able to function in the workplace.

This highly interactive, specialist course, aims to provide the student with a sufficient level of Medical French terminology to help develop the communication skills required to converse with French speaking doctors and patients and colleagues.

The Medical French course can be taken as a stand alone course or combined with the General French program during or prior to the start of the course.

Upon completing the course the attendants will receive a certificate of achievement from Canada College.

Available only as One-to-One instruction

Duration: 16 hours

Available only as One-to-One instruction

Registration Fee: $30.00

Duration: 16 hours. $50.00/hour

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