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Advance your English in the morning, evening or on our weekend classes in full time or part time basis. Our methodology that has been proven over and over and for many years will help you enrich your English language proficiency and academic skills and form your self-assurance. Our ESL program is an in-depth study in core language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) at ten levels.

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Beginning level course for students with no or limited previous knowledge of English. Includes an emphasis on communication skills in day-to-day situations and the development of basic language skills including pronunciation, practice in listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and study skills.


Basic-level, integrated skills course for non-native speakers of English with some, but limited, English ability. Includes practice in listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary building, grammar, reading, writing, and learning strategies. Emphasizes the development of English proficiency and exposure to Canadian Culture through meaningful communication.


The level 3 of the English as a Second Language program proposes a communicative approach to language larning. This course is designed to build the learners' competencies in English while developing their skills in speaking and listening, as well as reading and writing.

The course focuses mainly around conversation, practical exercises and role playing, making for a fun and efficient learning atmosphere.

ENGLISH LEVEL IV: (100 hours)

Student enrolling in this course should already be able to communicate in English and must already have a general understanding of English grammar (i.e. present, past and future tenses). At the end of this course, students will be able to participate in conversations with greater ease. Students at this level will also work at developing their writing skills.

ENGLISH LEVEL V: (100 hours)

Upon completion of this course, students will have achieved a level at which they feel comfortable and confident enough to participate in conversations and discussions on general topics. Students will also have developed the skills to begin communicating with ease in writing.

ENGLISH LEVEL VI: (100 hours)

Designed for students with a good foundation in English, this course offers students a thorough grammar review and multiple opportunities to improve their language skills and to make progress toward fluency. Students practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening in and outside the classroom. Materials include literary texts from classic English authors, writers, and various audio-visual materials.

ENGLISH LEVEL VII: (100 hours)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to participate effectively in most formal and formal conversations on practical, social and professional topics. Students will also be able to obtain and analyze information and opinions and will learn how to co-chair meetings and debates. Students will have mastered enough of the language to enable them to do advanced tasks such as defend an opinion, deal with hypothetical issues, and discuss complex work-related issues.


This course is designed to help advanced students develop the ability to interpret and critically analyze written academic English. Students are engaged in more complex and lengthy writing in comparison-and-contrast, argument, and cause-and-effect essays. They also learn how to use the convention of quotation, citation and paraphrasing.

ENGLISH LEVEL IX (EAP) (100 hours)

Eenglish for Academci Purposes is designed mainly for students who are preparing to get admitted into English-speaking post-secondary educational institutions and therefore have to improve their English skills to university-level fluency.

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